Top 9 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

There are a lot of reasons to upgrade to Windows 10. Everything from improved compatibility, faster performance and enhanced security. Right here we will present you 9 different reasons for why it is worth upgrading to Windows 10.


  1. It's free

    Until July 29th, 2016, you are able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, if your PC hasn't already done so by itself. That's a saving of up to £189.99. The Home version of the system costs £99.99 and is enough for most users, however, IT pros and Developers may need the professional version. But why upgrade? Keep reading, as there are many other benefits to upgrading to Windows 10.

  2. Live Tiles

    At first, they may seem confusing and hard to use, but in reality, you just need to give it five minutes and it feels like second nature. Live tiles are one of the best features the Windows platform has to offer. They show you information even before opening the app. All you need to do is open your Start Menu then glance at the start screen. You already know who commented on your Facebook post, who liked your tweet, who sent you a mail and what that mail is about. The possibilities are endless, and this is something everybody should take a look at in order to be more productive. When you go live tiles, you can't go back.

  3. Automatic Updates

    With all the memes about Windows 10's aggressive update policy floating around the internet, updating may seem like a bad thing, however, this isn't entirely true because updates provide extra security, performance improvements, bug fixes, and from time to time, even new features. This doesn't seem all that bad, does it? With Windows 10, Microsoft is changing how they update your system. It does it automatically, both for apps and for the system itself. When a new update is released, your PC downloads it in the background and prompts you to update when you turn it off, at the time you wouldn't use it anyway. This makes your PC secure and up to date, without you having to do anything.

  4. Action Center

    With Windows 10, you get the Action Center. If you have a smartphone, which you probably do, this works just like the page you get when you swipe down from the top on your phone. It keeps you up-to-date with information and notifies you about anything that needs your attention. You can reply directly from there, without even opening the app, as part of Actionable Notifications. You also have your Quick Actions that are used to enable or disable different settings of the system, like Bluetooth, WiFi, change brightness, Tablet Mode and more.

  5. Tablet Mode

    The Tablet Mode is a truly great feature. It optimises the whole system for touch and pen input. Apps go full screen, split-view changes its behaviour, buttons get bigger, gestures turn themselves on... There is a lot more to that, but writing everything down would require its own article. The feature is something especially useful for 2-in-1 devices like Microsoft's Surface. Tablet mode turns on automatically when you disconnect the keyboard and turns off when you reconnect it. This helps to keep you productive by seamlessly adjusting your experience to the most appropriate layout.

  6. The design

    The design language that Windows 10 uses is MDL2, which stands for Microsoft Design Language 2. Windows 10 is often criticised for its inconsistency and unbalanced design, however, this is getting better and better, and Windows 10 is shaping up to be a truly beautiful system. With the Anniversary Update, you'll also be able to use the built-in dark theme, that is praised among Windows Phone fans that had access to different theme choices since 2010. Many professionals and regular consumers often want their PCs to look elegant and sleek, and that is now possible thanks to Windows 10's modern and elegant look.

  7. It's part of a whole new platform

    Windows 10 is not just a Windows 7 or 8 update. It is a whole new platform. The platform is called the Universal Windows Platform that is shortened to UWP. The platform includes the HoloLens, Tablet, PC, Laptop, Phone, IoT and more It is supposed to be one operating system for all your needs. Take Candy Crush Saga for example. It runs on Microsoft HoloLens, Mobile, PC and Surface Hub. It is the exact same app on all devices, and it scales perfectly. The same goes for Readit and many more apps. Develop once, run everywhere.

  8. The Speed

    Windows 10 is the most optimised Windows yet. It boots up instantly, opens apps quickly, and browses the web smoothly. It even handles tasks at heavy load better, because of new technologies Microsoft implemented into Windows 10, designed to bring your PCs performance to unfound heights.

  9. Cortana

    Cortana is a personal assistant, similar to Apple's Siri. She is supposed to help in managing day-to-day tasks, remember things, find things and more. If you are in one of the supported countries, Cortana will sit on your taskbar, in Edge and appear in several other places, ready to lend a helping hand. She can easily be invoked by simply saying "Hey Cortana", then commanded by telling her what you want. If you're using Microsoft's new Edge browser, she will sometimes give you coupons and codes for shopping websites, take care of flight tickets, find more information on objects and do so much more.

Windows 10 is getting better and better with every update released, and not upgrading to it while you have a chance to do so for free would be a bad idea. These are just some of the reasons for upgrading that we've collated, but there are so many more to discover - and with this being a continuously upgraded operating system, it would only improve further. For those who don't upgrade while it is free, they may regret it at a later point, when their current system becomes archaic.

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