My top 5 favorite Edge browser extensions for Windows 10

Dave W. Shanahan

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It’s pretty hard to have a top 5 favorite Microsoft Edge browser extensions for Windows 10 when there are only thirteen available (twelve if you consider AdBlock and AdBlock Plus as technically one extension). Edge still needs a substantial increase in the amount of Edge extensions available in order to get users to use Edge. Instead, many users often rely on other browsers for the heavy lifting and use Microsoft Edge in a more experimental capacity.

Not a whole lot to choose from when you consider the entire lift of Edge extensions; AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, Amazon Assistant, OneNote Web Clipper, Office Online, LastPass, Mouse Gestures, Save to Pocket, Page Analyzer, Translator for Microsoft Edge, Reddit Enhancement Suite, Pin It Button, and EverNote Web Clipper.

However, Microsoft promises more Edge extensions are coming, so my top 5 favorite Edge browser extensions are based on the limited amount of extensions available. As more Edge extensions are added, we will likely revisit this Edge extension list and update it continuously. Here are my top 5 favorite Edge browser extensions for Windows 10.

Save to Pocket

Windows 10, Edge, extensions
Save to Pocket extension

Many times, I am not quite able to read everything I want online. Sometimes I come across an article that I’ll want to read later, but ended up sending the links to myself via email, only to never read them. That’s where Save to Pocket on Edge comes in handy.

Pocket was a revelation to me when I first discovered it. I am happy that Pocket is on board as an early supporter of Microsoft Edge. All you need to do is enable the Save to Pocket Edge extension, sign in with your Pocket login details, and click the Save to Pocket button on the Edge toolbar to save whatever interesting content you come across to save for later. Once you save it for later, you can read it on your Windows 10 phone or any other Windows 10 device without the need for an internet connection.

Download Save to Pocket from the Windows Store

Save to Pocket
Save to Pocket
Developer: Read It Later, Inc
Price: Free

Amazon Assistant

Windows 10, Microsoft, Edge, extensions
Amazon Assistant extension

I spent a considerable amount of time on the web looking for stuff that I can’t afford and some stuff I can. Amazon Assistant helps me in Edge because it helps me choose what items I might be interested in based on my web browsing. If I find something I like, I can add it to my Amazon Wish List and possibly find on Amazon for cheaper. Thus, Amazon Assistant is a constant helper that reminds me to buy things I don’t need, but what I want.

Download Amazon Assistant from Windows Store

Amazon Assistant
Amazon Assistant
Price: Free

OneNote Web Clipper

Windows 10, Edge, extensions, OneNote
OneNote Web Clipper extension

OneNote is a great tool to use in Windows 10. The OneNote Web Clipper is a surprisingly powerful Edge extenstion for web clipping. Once you add the OneNote Web Clipper Edge extension, You can clip anything you find online and add it easily and quickly to your OneNote notebook. Open OneNote later to edit and organize your web clippings when you have the time. Useful and easy-to-use.

Download OneNote Web Clipper from Windows Store

OneNote Web Clipper
OneNote Web Clipper

Office Online

Windows 10, Edge, extension, Office Online
Office Online extension

Office 365 subscribers and even users of Office Online will see Office Online as a quite useful Edge extension. You can access your documents and create new ones without exiting Edge. You can open content from your OneDrive account or from your Windows 10 PC, and edit and save your content right in Edge. Office Online and OneNote Web Clipper are extremely useful Edge extensions.

Download Office Online from Windows Store


Windows 10, Microsoft, Edge, Extensions
LastPass extension

Trying to remember a password is my kryptonite. I get distracted and besides my bank pin information, I would rather use Windows Hello to login than try to remember a password I created that had is a series of “$%&#.” Thankfully, Last Pass is available as an Edge extension and I don’t have to wander far. Other password services, including EnPass, will become Edge extensions eventually, but until then, my go-to is LastPass.

No more needing to click “Lost password?” and checking my email to create a new one. All I need to do now is enable LastPass, and find my saved login information, and I’m all set. Very convenient as I was able to login to my account without having to leave Edge.

Download LastPass from Windows Store

LastPass for Microsoft Edge
LastPass for Microsoft Edge
Developer: LastPass
Price: Free

Do you have a favorite Edge extension? What extensions do you use on other platforms that you miss on Edge? Let us know in the comments below!