The best tips and tricks for your new Surface Book or Surface Pro 4

Both the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4 were released by Microsoft in October of 2015. Did you get a brand new Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 this year for Christmas? Here are our top tips and tricks for both of these flagship Windows 10 devices from Microsoft.

How to pair your Surface Book with the Surface Pen

If you just bought a new Surface Book or Surface Pro 4, here's a useful tutorial to help you pair your Surface Pen so you can start drawing like a boss.

Here are three useful touchpad tricks for your Surface Book

The Surface Book comes with an awesome precision touchpad and it also comes with the ability to use touchpad gestures to make your Windows 10 experience that much better. All you have to do is head over to Settings > Devices > Mouse & touchpad and tinker with a few settings. Read this tutorial to see what you need to do.

How to get Windows 10 Insider builds on the Surface Book

If you’re like me, you probably installed the latest Windows 10 Insider build on your new Surface Book. Why? Because you want to test out the latest in what Microsoft has to offer. If you just purchased a brand new Surface Book, here’s what you need to do in order to update to the latest Windows 10 Insider build.

Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 user guides and recovery images now available

If you want to dig into the guts of the new machines to see how they work, you’re in luck. Microsoft has posted the user guides for both machines to make it easy to grab them and go.

How to configure pen pressure sensitivity on the Surface Book or Surface Pro 4

For those that did not know, the updated Surface Pen offers the ultimate writing experience with 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity and reduced latency. So it’s already designed to offer a great experience. Here's how you can adjust the pressure sensitivity to your liking.

How to set up Windows Hello on the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book (video)

One of the most touted features of Windows 10 and the new Surface flagship devices is Windows Hello, a biometric authentication system. Here's how to set it up.

Surface Book and Surface Pro 4: top tips and tricks for your Pen

In this tutorial, were taking a look at some top tips and tricks regarding the Surface Pen, to make your experience just a tad bit easier.

Use these Surface Book keyboard shortcuts to adjust brightness

The Surface Book keyboard features a standard layout with cool backlit keys, but did you know you can also control the screen brightness with a keyboard shortcut as well as adjust the keyboard backlighting? It’s quite easy to do so!

Five ways to use your Surface Book to meet your productivity needs

Did you know you can use your Surface Book in five different ways?

Pimp your Surface Book with these third-party decals

If you own a brand new Surface Book and are tired or bored of the standard look, you can now pimp your device with decals from DecalGirl.

5 important battery tips for your Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

Here are some top ways to save battery life by adjusting or disabling certain features that eat up battery juice, even when you are not using your device.

Taking a screenshot on your Windows 10 Surface and Surface Book

Here's how to take a screenshot on your Surface device, so you can save or share what's on your screen.

Here are four pen nibs for your Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Pen

There are four different pen nibs for your new Surface device. In this feature, we take a look at all four of them

We hope you find these tips and tricks to be useful. You can bookmark our dedicated Surface Book page or Surface Pro 4 page for all the latest news and feature stories. Enjoy!

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