The best tips and tricks for your new Microsoft Band

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A year after the rather unexpected Microsoft Band, the company now brings forth the second generation of the device. The new Microsoft Band 2 contains several small, incremental changes alongside two major improvements making it one hell of an awesome wearable device.

If you unwrapped a brand new Microsoft Band for Christmas, we’ve got you covered. Check out our best tips and tricks for the Microsoft Band to help you make the most out of this awesome wearable device.

How to pair a Microsoft Band 2 with your Windows 10 Mobile device

In this tutorial, we show you how you can pair your Microsoft Band to your Windows 10 Mobile device. This will allow you to update your Microsoft Band as well as see stats right on your phone.

How to handle phone calls and texts like a boss on Microsoft Band 2

With the new Microsoft Band 2, you can handle incoming calls and voicemail notifications like a boss. You can reply instantly with standard quick response messages or you can create your own, making it easy to handle your contacts while using your Band. Our tutorial will show you how to get started!

How to track your workouts on the Microsoft Band 2

One of the big perks of owning a Microsoft Band 2 is the ability to track your workouts. Whether you are doing cardio, weight training, or just walking, the Microsoft Band can keep track of what you are doing and record stats.

Helpful caring tips for your new Microsoft Band 2

Now that you own a brand new Microsoft Band, you want to keep it in it’s brand new condition for as long as possible. Follow these caring tips to keep your device nice and shiny so it can last.

Making the most out of your Microsoft Band 2 with the Health Dashboard (video)

Not only can you check out your stats on your phone, but you can also access the Microsoft Health Dashboard for a comprehensive overview of your fitness and health data. The dashboard is packed with features and compliments your Microsoft Band experience.

Must have third-party apps for your Microsoft Band

Grab these third-party apps for your Microsoft Band.

How to use UV monitoring on the Microsoft Band 2

Sunshine is a wonderful thing. But it can also be a dangerous thing if exposure to it isn’t closely monitored. Use your new Microsoft Band to keep you safe in the sun.

New Microsoft Band update adds music controls, activity reminders

You can easily control your music via your Microsoft Band. Any music app on your phone will connect with the Band through Bluetooth (although Microsoft’s new partner, Spotify, is recommended), and functionalities include displaying song titles, pause and play, skipping forward and backward, and adjusting the volume.

Check out this official uniquely designed Microsoft Band 2 charging stand

You really should buy this awesome charging stand for your Microsoft Band. It keeps your Band on display as it charges. How cool is that?

Bookmark our dedicated Microsoft Band page for all the latest news on this cool new gadget of yours. We hope you enjoy it and keep an eye on our site for more news and tutorials!

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