Here’s our OnMSFT list of Xbox games coming in 2017

Dave W. Shanahan

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 on Xbox One

There are a lot of upcoming Xbox One games to play in 2017. Halo Wars 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, Crackdown 3 and more Xbox One game titles are headed our way to play solo or on Xbox Live. Unless otherwise indicated, most of the games on this list don’t have a concrete release date. However, barring any unforeseen issues, they should be released sometime in 2017. Let’s take a look at what Microsoft has in store for gamers on Xbox One.

Xbox One exclusives

Halo Wars 2

Release Date: February 21, 2017

Perhaps the most-anticipated (and hyped) sequel on Xbox One, Halo Wars 2 is expected to be even better than its predecessor. Halo Wars 2 promises to be the biggest Halo battlefield ever. In Halo Wars 2, you’ll lead armies of Spartans, Warthogs, Scorpions, and more against a new enemy that threatens all-out destruction.


Release Date: TBD 2017

Cuphead was originally slated for a 2016 release, but has been pushed back multiple times, and we should see it sometime in mid-2017. Cuphead is inspired by cartoons of the 1930s, displaying visuals and audio that are reminiscent of the era. You play as Cuphead or Mugman (in single-player or co-op campaign) as you travel through strange worlds, gain new weapons to your arsenal, learn special moves, and discover hidden treasures.

Release Date: March 21, 2017

As you’ve probably already heard, Mass Effect: Andromeda will be offered early for EA Access members. Scheduled for release on March 21 in North America and March 23 in Europe, Andromeda looks like it will be a great continuation to the Mass Effect franchise.

Crackdown 3

Release Date: TBD 2017

Although not a lot of has been heard about Crackdown 3, it appears that the title is still in development and will be released as an Xbox Anywhere title. Crackdown 3 will feature an open world with fully destructive environments. The last Crackdown 3 blog post was about 3 months ago, but Microsoft Studios is likely just hard at work at delivering the “all-new multiplayer mode where destruction is your ultimate weapon against friends and rivals online.” It’s unlikely Microsoft would be so foolish as to cancel a game in a franchise like Crackdown.

 Outlast 2

Release Date: TBD 2017

Not much is known about Outlast 2’s storyline, but the game will surely scare you to death in a different setting this time around. On Twitter, Red Barrels confirmed that Outlast 2 would be moving out of the Mount Massive Asylum. Based on the game trailer, Outlast 2 will take place in a more rural (and likely more terrifying) setting.

Wherever Outlast 2 takes place, it will likely cause you to crap your pants when it is released. There was even an Outlast 2 companion diaper available through Kickstarter. Sadly, the diaper wasn’t successful, but the premise is still pretty funny.

State of Decay 2

Release Date: TBD 2017

State of Decay 2 picks up where the original State of Decay left off. Unlike State of Decay on Xbox 360, State of Decay 2 features an all-new, multiplayer zombie survival experience. Players will need to work together on Xbox Live to build stable communities and make the necessary decisions to make their settlements successful.

Sea of Thieves

Release Date: TBD 2017

Sea of Thieves is an action adventure game exclusively for Windows 10 and Xbox One coming sometime later in 2017. The game thrives on co-op game play, where your team is only as strong as its weakest link, literally. You hunt for and dig up buried treasure all while watching each other’s backs in case a rival crew comes to steal your treasure.

Sea of Thieves will feature user-generated content as well; players will be able to craft their own custom stories using in-game tools. At the moment, there isn’t a game like Sea of Thieves out there on any other console. Sea of Thieves might be a surprise to everyone when it is released this year.


While because of the loss of Scalebound there has been a lot of talk about Microsoft exclusives or lack thereof (regardless of the rather extensive list, above), there are still a host of multi-platform games coming to Xbox One in 2017, too.

Release Date: January 24, 2017

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard takes place about 4 years after the events of Resident Evil 6. In Resident Evil 7, you play the role of Ethan from a first-person perspective. Ethan is searching for his wife, Mia, and comes across an mansion in a fictional town in Louisiana. Ethan is less skilled in combat than previous Resident Evil games, but he’ll have plenty of weapons at his disposal, including chainsaws, knives, flamethrowers, and more to fight against hordes of “mutant” creatures.

For Honor

Release Date: February 14, 2017

For Honor follows the story of three legendary warrior factions; Knights of the Iron Legion, the Samurai of the Dawn Empire, and the Vikings of the Warborn. These three are threatened by a mysterious warlord named Apollyon, who is hell-bent on killing all three factions and ruling everyone with an iron fist. Each faction must defend themselves against Apollyon’s wrath. Play in the single-player or coop campaign to storm castles, defend against invading armies, and win duels to defend the survival of your faction.

Sniper Elite 4

Release Date: February 14, 2017

Another February 14, 2017 release, Sniper Elite 4 will be even more gruesome and realistic than its previous releases. Use your sniper rifle, knives, and your fists to get violently intimate with the anatomy of your enemy. Previous Sniper Elite game titles allowed you to see what your sniper rifle and explosives could do to the insides of your targets. Now, you can use knives to stab your enemy in the head, deliver devastating punches and watch their organs quake. While stealth is the best approach, Sniper Elite 4 allows you to perform more brutal killing tactics than ever before. And, of course, you can kill Hitler.

Injustice 2

Release Date: May 16, 2017

About a week ago, Injustice 2 game director Ed Boon tweeted the release date for Injustice 2. Injustice 2 continues where Injustice: Gods Among Us (available via Xbox Backward Compatibility) left off. Players will be able to play as almost any character in the biggest DC Comics roster ever. You can battle it out as Batman, Superman, Supergirl and Aquaman, or  choose from any of villains, including Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd. Injustice 2 will feature battle arenas in locations such as Metropolis, Gotham City, Atlantis, and more.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Release Date: Fall 2017

Personally, Red Dead Redemption 2 was the most exciting game trailer of 2016. Coming in Fall 2017, Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot to live up to, but Rockstar Games doesn’t usually disappoint.

According to the Friday the 13th: The Game website, the game will be available on Windows 10, Xbox One, and PS4, sometime in Spring 2017.

“Friday the 13th: The Game is a third-person, asymmetrical multiplayer title where one player controls Jason Voorhees while the remaining seven control camp counselors trying to survive the night.That’s right…1v7 multiplayer set in the semi-open world of Camp Crystal Lake! It’s a classic horror fan’s dream, no shaky cam, no found footage. We want you to know we’re revitalizing the golden era of slashers, and putting you at the controls of each horrific, blood-splattered moment.”

Friday the 13th: The Game was developed using funds raised from Kickstarter and BackerKit.


Prey is a FPS with some RPG elements to the storyline. Prey will be available on Windows 10, Xbox One, and PS4. You take the role of Morgan Yu, the only human aboard a space station filled with hostile aliens. The game decisions and some player characteristics, like gender, will have a direct effect on the Prey’s game plot. In order to survive the onslaught of aliens, you will need to collect and use weapons and resources you find when exploring the space station. As you progress in the game, you will also gain special alien abilities, including shape-shifting, and more.


Absolver is an interesting game that will be available on Windows 10, Xbox One, Linux, and PS4 later in 2017. Absolver is a martial arts-inspired RPG game with interesting gameplay. Players control warrior characters in the land of Adal, who fight other players to prove themselves as worthy enough to be an Absolver peacekeeper. Playesrs’ fighting moves are controlled by a customized “combat deck” of cards, where each card designates a specific fighting move. As you progress through the game, you can earn more cards, that include special equipment and weapons as you prove you have what it takes to be a Absolver.

Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive groups you in teams of four players where your mission is to secure an outpost from an onslaught of headless creatures. Your team will have the common Metal Gear tactics, including stealth, infiltration and defense, plus special weapons and equipment at your disposal. It is not known when exactly Metal Gear Survive will arrive in 2017.

Prey for the Gods

From the looks of the game trailer, Prey for the Gods is a visually stunning game. Here is the Prey for the Gods game description:

“In Prey for the Gods, you play a lone hero sent to the edge of a dying world to discover the mystery behind a never-ending winter. Arriving with only the clothes on your back, you must survive the colossal dangers that you encounter. To restore balance and reclaim the land from the brink, you will be faced with questions that not even a God knows the answer to.”

Prey for the Gods is quite an achievement seeing as its developer, No Matter Studios, consists of exactly three people: Brian Parnell, Hung-Chien Liao, and Tim Wiese. Support the developers so we can see Prey for the Gods on Windows 10 and Xbox One as soon as possible.

“It was deeply inspiring for our development team to join forces again with Marvel and we can’t wait for our fans to experience the benefits of that collaboration first hand. With ‘Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite’, our goal is to provide memorable experiences and infinite gameplay possibilities for players of all skill levels. Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite” is being built to highlight a combination of iconic and fan favorite characters and stages from both universes, including Captain Marvel and Iron Man from the Marvel side, and Ryu and Mega Man X from Capcom. More characters, stages, modes and features will be revealed in the coming months.”