Here’s more Microsoft Teams background images to brighten up your next video call

Rabia Noureen

In these times of social distancing, you may find yourself on video chat screens more than ever before. Lately, much of the white-collar global workforce moved to Microsoft Teams, which has one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. Microsoft Teams has recently added a new custom backgrounds feature, allowing you to swap out your real-life background from a library of pre-selected images.

However, Microsoft Teams currently lacks the ability to upload custom background images, but a hack (unofficially) allows you to set your own custom Teams backgrounds on Windows 10 and macOS. These days, a lot of Teams users seems to be enjoying this new custom backgrounds feature, some of them are even competing to come up with the most creative background images.

While this feature has become widely popular among stressed and tired teams working from home, we have recently covered our first batch of free Microsoft Teams images. To add more fun to your daily meetings, we thought this week that we should follow up with some more background images for Microsoft Teams. Here’s our list of best free resources to find custom background images for your next Microsoft Teams meeting:

Star Wars

Star Wars Microsoft Teams backgrounds
Image Credit:

What could be better than jumping into a Teams meeting right from a galaxy which is far, far away? has published a bundle of Star Wars backgrounds images for thousands of fans around the world. With these Star Wars backgrounds, you can appear as if you are in the Death Star’s control room, floating in the Cloud City or wandering around Tatooine. If you’re a hardcore fan, consider dressing as a Star Wars character to spice up your video calls.

The Simpsons Couch

The Simpsons Couch Microsoft Teams backgrounds
Image Credit: FOX TV

Interestingly, many TV shows have been spotted sharing free background images during the past couple of months. If you’re Simpsons fan, you might be excited to see this cool image of the living room of the popular animated show.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Microsoft Teams backgrounds
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Whether you are working or simply chatting with your friends, add more fun to your next video chat with these Borderlands 3 background images. The virtual backgrounds featuring Borderlands 3 locales allow you to virtually hang out with Brick, Mordecai, and Tina, which would be definitely more interesting than your boring home office.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Microsoft Teams backgrounds
Image Credit:

Thanks to social distancing and lockdown, you now have enough time to enjoy your favourite TV shows. If you are already enjoying your growing collection of Microsoft Teams backgrounds, this collection of top Game of Thrones backgrounds is also available for free.

Disney Parks

Disney Parks Microsoft Teams backgrounds
Image Credit: Disney Parks Blog

No doubt, Disneyland and Disney World are closed temporarily due to the coronavirus outbreak, but this pack of gorgeous backgrounds will let you celebrate their magic at home. Microsoft Teams meetings could be a lot more fun if you’re joining from Disney’s theme parks located around the globe.

American Idol

American Idol Microsoft Teams backgrounds
Image Credit: American Idol

You may not have been able to qualify for American Idol this year, but you can still use these virtual backgrounds to hop on the American Idol stage. Download these photos on your PC and prepare a few lines of your favourite song to sing in your next video conference call.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Microsoft Teams backgrounds
Image Credit: The Walking Dead

With governments announcing lockdown extensions all over the world, you aren’t wrong if you feel like the world right now is similar to your favourite zombie drama. The Walking Dead has recently tweeted some free background images to make your work and family calls more bearable.

Airbnb Homes

AirBnd Homes Microsoft Teams backgrounds
Image Credit: Airbnb Newsroom

If you are already missing travelling around the world, feel free to download a virtual background to virtually work from your favourite Airbnb Homes. This cool collection will help you satisfy your wanderlust without even spending a single penny.

Pixar Movies

Pixar Movies Microsoft Teams backgrounds
Image Credit: Disney

While most of the blockbuster movies have been delayed until later this year, these iconic backdrops from Pixer would be fun for your young ones to brighten up their video chat with friends.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Funny Microsoft Teams backgrounds
Image Credit:

If you are spending a lot of time on Microsoft Teams lately, make remote work more fun with these iconic backgrounds. Explore this collection of more than 30 backgrounds that are categorized into movie caps, funny, landscapes, and memes to hide your messy room.

For those looking for customizable options, some free virtual background templates are also available on Our personal favourite on this site happens to be a road in Iceland. As usual, don’t forget to comments down below your favourite option and check out the rest of our Teams coverage over at our dedicated news hub.

Looking for more Microsoft Teams background ideas? Check out these video game backgrounds or these from Michael Gillett’s Wallpaper.hub and more.