Essential Windows Phone apps to make your Valentine’s Day perfect

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Tomorrow is February 14th; a day filled with love and passion for that special someone in your life. If you have managed to forget entirely about Valentine’s Day – don’t fret! We are going to show you some of the top apps for your Windows Phone device to help you craft a wonderful day for you and your significant other!


The first step is to set the mood with romantic music that both you and your partner can enjoy. There are a ton of streaming solutions out there, but our top recommendation is Spotify; it has the largest library of music to choose from and the team is always keeping tabs of Windows Phone with application updates. Xbox Music also makes an excellent choice for the die-hard Microsoft fan. Jazz and Classical are excellent choices for a romantic evening.


Now that you’ve got some romantic music, you are going to need some delicious food to pair with it. Groupon has always been a go-to choice for excellent deals on local restaurants.  Just set your location and Groupon will help match you with restaurant deals in your area. There is no shame in being thrifty, and you can take your date to some upscale eateries for a fraction of the cost.


Maybe you would prefer to stay home for the evening and light your candles; if that is the case then GrubHub is the app for your device. Download GrubHub and you’ll be able to order in from local restaurants in your area. You may not see great deals like in Groupon, but you’ll be in the comfort of your home. GrubHub is especially great for urban areas where there is a plethora of choices to choose.

Oni: Light Control

We know that not everyone owns Phillip Hue lights, but for those of you who do, be sure to take advantage of them! Hue lights can be controlled from your Windows Phone using the Oni: Light Control app. The application costs $3.99, but it is an excellent choice as an official app is yet to hit Windows Phone. We recommend setting your lighting based on a sunset.

Valentine Greetings

If you are looking to send cute messages to your love throughout the day, then Valentine Greetings may be the perfect app for you. Design custom greeting cards using various backgrounds and quotes, then text them to that person you love so much. Totally free and you look incredible for taking the extra effort.


Once the night has begun to settle, you are going to want a great way to preserve your memories. Hopefully, you’ve been using your Windows Phone camera to capture all the romantic tidbits of the night. Now, use Flipagram to combine all of your photographs from the evening into a romantic short movie for Instagram.

You can download all of the aforementioned apps for your phone using the download links below.

However you decide to spend your night – have fun and stay safe!

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