You can now see Microsoft responses in Windows 10 build 14352 Feedback Hub entries

Mark Coppock

Windows 10 Feedback for Aero and login screen

Microsoft pushed a new Windows 10 Insider build for PCs yesterday to Fast Ring users, and even though Anniversary Update is just around the corner, a number of new features and enhancements were added. One day soon we’re sure Microsoft will start focusing on bug fixes and stability in preparation for the massive summer upgrade, but build 14352 manages to squeeze in some newness.

One of the additions in the new build is enhanced interactivity with Microsoft engineers in the Feedback Hub. As Microsoft explains:

Feedback Hub will now show Microsoft responses: You’ll now see short status tags on feedback to let you know what we’re doing with it. The tags are a short-form way to give status on feedback we’re actively working on or have made changes for. The tags will often be published along with a “Microsoft response” comment that gives more context on what the team is doing. This change also replaces the “Received” tag that you’ve been seeing on all feedback with something much more useful and informative!

As near as we can tell, that means new tags will be added to feedback items in the list showing that Microsoft has responded. That way, you’ll be able to drill into a piece of feedback and see Microsoft’s current position.

Feedback Hub improvements in build 14352
Feedback Hub improvements in build 14352.

If you’re a Fast Ring Insider, go check out the Feedback Hub. Let us know in the comments if this new feature has applied to any of your feedback, and if it’s made you feel all warm and fuzzy.