Build 2022 Recap: The best sessions to catch up on & recap of what you might have missed

Arif Bacchus

We’ve just hit the final day of Build 2022, and it’s been a very interesting developer conference for Microsoft. This year saw many big developer-first announcements and less consumer news, but we still want to recap some of the moments that you might have missed if you’re just now catching up. From Project Volterra, widgets in Windows 11, Teams, and more, here’s what you might have missed and what to watch.

Create next-gen experiences at scale with Windows

We’ll start with the biggest session, featuring Microsoft’s Panos Panay. This 30-minute-long session touched a lot on Windows 11, and the future of the operating system, as well as a vision for the future of computing. Some of the big stories coming out of this session included new Microsoft Store features like Microsoft Store ads, and the ability to restore apps. It wasn’t detailed heavily here and was just a top look, but if you want to learn more about the new Microsoft Store, check out this breakout session.

For us consumers, though, Microsoft also talked more about third-party widgets and even showcased the revamped and united OneNote app on Windows during this session. Kevin Gallo and Steven Bathiche also joined Panos and talked about native developing on Windows on ARM when it comes to AI, the benefits of NPUs, Project Volterra, and the future of computing. For more on the work Microsoft is doing in AI, you can check out the “Future of AI Development Tools.” breakout session.

Building great apps with the open platform of Windows

This next session is again developer-heavy but touches on a lot of the new and upcoming developer tools in Windows 11. That includes updates for the Windows Subsystem for Linux, Windows Subsystem for Android, WebView2, as well as Windows 365. Microsoft also teased more about how developers can make third-party widgets for Windows 11. For more app development on Windows stuff, we invite you to check out the Building great apps for Windows session.

Announcing Power Pages – the go-to, low-code website creator for your complex business needs!

Another heavy-hitting theme from Build was the fact that Microsoft added Power Pages as the fifth member of the Power Platform Family. In this session, Microsoft’s Sandeep Dhanrajani and Priya Vaidyanathan dive deeper into how Power Pages can help you create modern, secure, and beautiful business web pages. The two go through a live demo and deep dive into Power Pages, and how it works for business, so feel free to check it out.

Microsoft Build Into Focus: Build collaborative apps to thrive in the modern workplace

Teams is always big at Build, and in this session, Microsoft showcases a little bit more on how developers can build collaborative apps for Microsoft Teams. There’s an alive code demo showing how a company can customize a Teams app, run it across Windows and Teams, and so much more. This might not be for everyone, but it offers a high-level look at how Teams apps can be built and features like link unfurling with adaptive cards.

Make your meetings more interactive! Learn how to build engaging synchronous experiences your users will love

We talked about Teams above, but the big Teams highlight coming out of Build 2022 is Live Share, a new way to make Teams meetings more interactive and fun. This session has a live demo of how the Live Share API can be used to build a watch Together App.

Also related to Teams is the Preparing for the metaverse session. This session helps dive deeper into how Teams and Azure, and other things fit into Microsoft’s plans for the metaverse. This one is heavily focused on a demo of the creation of avatars in Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Mesh.

Visit the Build 2022 website for more!

We’ve just hit the highlights of what we’ve watched during Build 2022. There are a ton of other sessions that you can watch for more. Sign into the Build 2022 website today to explore more. And, do let us know if you’ve come across an interesting session by dropping us a comment below.