7 Best Edge Mobile Flags to Use Right Now

Amaan Rizwan

best edge mobile flags

Edge mobile lets you add flags, which are experimental features available on the browser. Hundreds of flags are available, and very few make the cut, becoming part of the standard version of Edge. At the same time, others don’t get to see the light of day and get removed entirely from the browser. Some of them provide visual upgrades, while others add significant usability for the users.

Today in the spotlight are 7 of the best Edge mobile flags to use on the browser, which can improve your mobile internet browsing experience. If any of them start acting up and you are unsure of the culprit, use the Reset all button next to the search bar to disable all of them at once.

How to enable Edge Mobile Flags

Enable a flag on Edge mobile by tapping on the button which says default or disable. Tap on the button and you will get the option to enable the flag.

How to view Edge Mobile Flags

Access the list of Edge mobile flags by entering Edge://flags in your browser’s address bar and pressing enter. A few of the flags will be visible only on specific platforms. You can use the search bar to find and enable a flag.

Best Edge Mobile Flags in 2022

We have mentioned the address to directly access the Edge mobile flags by entering them in the address bar. They are given below every item after the flag description.

1. Forced Dark mode

Dark mode on Edge mobile

Dark mode is ideal for users who spend several hours browsing the internet. It helps reduces eye strain and also helps save a small amount of battery in specific scenarios. Google has brought dark mode to their browser, but it is limited to the interface. Enable Force Dark Mode and turn all the web pages to turn dark with contrast for texts to enhance visibility.


2. Fill Passwords on Selection

Edge on mobile lets you auto-fill saved passwords on login pages without requiring user input. It is convenient, and you don’t have to type lengthy login credentials everywhere. The problem happens when having multiple accounts and have more than one credential for a website. Fill Passwords on Account Selection flag lets you select an account and then autofill the password instead of auto-filling it without asking.


Best edge mobile flag

3. Block Video Ads

Minimal ads on websites are cool as they pay the cost of keeping the site running. The intrusive auto-playing ads are something that goes over the line. They waste your mobile data and slow the browser tab on occasion.

Block video ads through the flag which essentially prevents them from loading. We tried it across ads-rich websites and it worked eight out of ten times.


Block video ads on Edge

4. Immersive Reader Mode

Reader mode removes all the clutter on a webpage, including distracting ads, menus, sidebar, and widgets, presenting text in a simple manner. This is useful for users who solely need the text for writing reports, or completing assignments, amongst other things.

Reader Mode Edge mobile

The reader mode icon appears in the address bar after enabling the flag. It is only visible on text-heavy pages. After enabling the reader more, click the format button to set fonts, text size, and background colors.

Reader mode flag


We tried the default flag for immersive reader mode but that did not work like it does on the PC version. You can enable the feature by enabling the night mode of the immersive reader, offering the same functionality for some reason.


5. Parallel Downloading

When downloading large files in the browser, the download speeds are much lower than your internet service provider promised. As a result, you rely on third-party download managers, which break down the file into smaller chunks for faster download speeds.

You can do the same on Edge mobile and speed up downloads by enabling parallel downloads. All you need to do is enable the Parallel downloads flag and go about your day downloading files.


Parallel download flag

6. Omnibox UI Max Autocomplete Matches

Microsoft Edge mobile only shows 4 auto-complete suggestions when filling a login credentials box or a form. When you have an account on a website, then enable Omnibox UI Max Autocomplete to see up to 12 auto-fill suggestions.


Best edge mobile flag

7. QUIC Protocol

Google developed an experimental framework to reduce page load time by minimizing the latency. Your web pages will load faster compared to other browsers. It can help you save a little bit of time.

Now bear in mind that the page loading speed does not entirely depend upon this protocol. Your internet speed, size of the page, and RAM available for the browser play a role in how fast the web page will load on Edge mobile.


edge mobile flag

Best Edge Mobile Flags to Use

Do remember that some of the flags will make their way as the standard feature on Edge. At the same time, others will be retired and removed from the browser.