Best Android apps for Windows 11

Amaan Rizwan

best android apps for windows 11

Ever since Microsoft announced Android apps for Windows 11, I have been excited to try out the apps that have made their way to the operating system. While you install any  Android app via sideload, the official way is through the Amazon app store.

The app library has grown to thousands over the year and now it might be the time to explore the best android app that Windows 11 has to offer right now.

Best Android apps for Windows 11

Let us take a look at seven of the best Android apps available on Windows 11 right now.

1. Kindle for Android

Android app for Windows 11

Kindle for Android is an app that allows you to read eBooks on an Android device. It lets you to read books from your Kindle library, as well as books from the Amazon store. With Kindle for Android, you can customize the appearance of the app, including the font size and background color, and access features such as X-Ray and Whispersync.

X-Ray allows you to see all the passages in a book that mentions a specific character or theme, while Whispersync synchronizes your reading progress across all your devices. You can also send your own non-Kindle store books to your kindle email(from your registered mail) and start reading them on the app.

2. Khan Academy Kids

Android app for Windows 11

Do you have kids at home or have some coming regularly and playing games on the computer? then Khan Academy kids can be a perfect alternative for them to learn while having fun.

It is a free, educational Android app for Windows 11 for children ages 2-7 that aims to make learning fun and interactive. The app offers a variety of educational activities and games in subjects such as math, reading, and science, as well as social-emotional learning and creativity tools.

Sign up with your email and then set the age between 4 to 8+ for the kids. After that you will need to fill in the child’s name along with a cartoony avatar for him/her.


3. EZ2 Journal

Android app for Windows 11

Writing down our thoughts and views helps many of us in more than one way. I moved to a digital journal a couple of years ago to Google docs but felt like a chore opening at times. The extra formatting needs only adds to the work. Besides that, there is always a risk of someone reading your personal journal.

EZ2 Journal lets you put in a 4-digit password, which is not an option in many writing apps apart from logging in each time. And if you are an inconsistent journaler like me, then this only adds to the reasons for not writing more in the journal.

This is one of the reasons why the EZ2 journal can be a good companion to have. You just need to login, give an optional heading and start penning down your thoughts. Search through journal entries, and it even lets you change the dates of individual pages.

You can always create a db format file backup which can be saved or stored anywhere by us. If you are moving to a new computer then restore the file to resume from where you left off.

4. Hill Climb 2

Android app for Windows 11

Play Hill Climb 2 when you are bored after work and don’t want to play games that needs you to grind for hours. Use the arrow keys to move forward, break and perform tricks in the air to gain extra points.

The goal here is to finish the race in minimum time while earning rewards like diamonds and gold coins. Participate in different maps and earn more rewards for upgrading your race car for better performance.

The game lets you set an avatar that will appear while racing against other players. You can also connect your Facebook to keep your progress across different Windows 11 devices.

5. Audible

Android app for Windows 11

The Audible app is a digital audio player Android app for Windows 11 that allows you to listen to audiobooks and other audio content from Audible. You can use the app to purchase and download audio content, as well as stream content that you have already purchased.

With the Audible app, you can listen to your audio content on the go, adjust the playback speed, and create playlists of your favorite content. You can also use the app to access exclusive deals and discounts on audio content. The app offers 30-day free trial after providing your payment information.

6. Washington Post

Washington post Android app

Begin your day with a dose of news straight from the Washington Post. The newspaper from Washington D.C. covers national and international news, politics, business, and other topics.

With the Washington Post app, you can read articles, watch videos, and access other content from The Washington Post. You can also save articles to read later or offline. The app also provides breaking news alerts and allows you to customize your news feed to focus on specific topics or areas of interest.

7. Moon+ Reader app

Android app for Windows 11

Moon reader is an Android app for Windows 11 that I have been waiting for a while. Its the perfect ebook reading app with all the features a reader needs. It lets you add ebooks directly from your cloud, local storage and also search online libraries.

You can import and store ebooks in a variety of formats, including ePub, PDF, and MOBI. The app provides a variety of customization options, such as the ability to change the font size, style, and color, as well as the background color and brightness of the reading screen. Moon Reader also includes features like bookmarks, highlights, and a built-in dictionary.

The ever Growing Android App library

Amazon should work on the app exploration and search on the app store. The library has certainly grown but we as users expect more in different categories apart from basic games. A bit more focus on productivity and office tools would really help open more possibilities.