5 popular Health & Fitness apps for Windows 10

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Lately, we’ve been showing you the latest popular apps across Windows Store. So far we’ve covered free games, security focused apps, and apps to boost your productivity. Now we’re going to dive into those apps that remind you to drink water, eat healthy, and get physically fit.


This is the one stop shop for all your fitness needs. Built as an app to work with the Fitbit trackers and Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, you’re able to log every step, workout, and weigh-in automatically. The app also has so much more than just the goal oriented tracking. With the Fitbit app on Windows Store, you can see a complete picture of your health.

Use the barcode scanner to log all your food easily, set up jobs with music, voice cues, and GPS routes, or you can use it simply to help catch up on some quality rest and relaxation by monitoring your sleep habits. There’s so much in the Fitbit app, it’s hard to know where to begin. But it’s likely the connection to the Fibit community can help you figure it out with a full social media to share notifications and achievements.

Don’t have a Fitbit device? No problem, the app will still provide basic features to help build a healthier you.

Developer: ‪Fitbit‬
Price: Free

Daily Workouts

Interested in building and following a routine to keep your body in shape? Daily Workouts has your back as a personal trailer app. It will walk you through five to ten minute daily workout routines specialized for getting some exercise on the go or in your own home. There are over 170+ exercose routines to get almost every part of your body burning. While most of the exercises can be done without accessories, you can also choose some that incorporate an exercise ball, stretch bands, and kettlebells. You can even put it on random for those days that you want to do something different.

Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts
Developer: ‪Daily Workout Apps LLC‬
Price: Code needed

Seven – 7 Minute Workout Challenge

Inspired by the New York Times Magazine featured challenge, Seven is another app that is focused on quick on the go exercise routines. You will be able to face the seven minute workout challenge by just using a chair, a wall, and this application. It also brings a video game style fun appeal to the table. You start out with three lives and lose them if you skip a day. Lose all three and you lose all of you progress: GAME OVER! Can you become a champion of Seven by working out for less than ten minutes per day for seven months? Only one way to find out.

Simply Yoga

Brought to you by the same developers of Daily Workouts, this app is meant for those that want to take their exercise a bit more slower and precise. Yoga is a practice of balance, poise, and flexibility and this app will help newly green yogies or experienced gurus alike. Like its predecessor, it provides videos to teach each individual pose demonstrated by a certified trainer. There are also three pre-defined routines to choose from. Find your balance.

Sleep Bug

Perhaps after all of that stretching and working out, you’re ready to wind down and get some rest. Unfortunately, not everyone can sleep soundly. That’s why Sleep Bug was created. The white noise app has an impresive repetoire of audial aid:  24 scenes, 83 different sound effects and more than 300 different sounds. The soft sounds are mixed together to build the perfect background noise that will help put your mind in the right place, even if it’s in dream land.

Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Developer: ‪Panzertax‬
Price: Free+

There are plenty of apps to help you build yourself into a stronger and healthier you. Unfortunately, that means getting away from the computer more often. Do you know of any health and fitness apps that we missed? Be sure to share them in the comments below!


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