I bought a new Surface with the Surface Plus program

When I heard about the announcement of the Surface Plus Program, I was pretty pumped. When the Surface Pro 4 was announced, I planned on getting it. At the time, I had an HP laptop and a Surface RT, but waited out the Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro 3, because I wasn't completely sold that Microsoft got the formula right.

I tried out the Surface Pro 4 (SP4) at the Microsoft Store and I was sold. At the time, my problem was how I was going to be able to afford getting the SP4 in the configuration that I could immediately afford. I pay a monthly fee for my new phones through AT&T, so why can't I do the same for my new Surface Pro through Microsoft? Considering that I have to purchase the Type Cover separately, I don't think that I was asking a lot from Microsoft to provide a similar monthly payment program.

The most I could afford to buy outright at the time was the SP4 with the fan-less Intel m3 Skylake processor, 4GB RAM, and 128 SSD. Considering I wouldn't be using the SP4 for any intensive use, I figured I made the right choice. Plus, my SP4 would be fan-less, something I was really looking for, considering all the issues with fan noise on the SP3. So, I pulled the trigger and I bought the SP4 m3, 4GB RAM, 128 SSD option. I wanted the more powerful SP4 i5, 8GB RAM, 256 SSD, but I couldn't afford that option, so I had to settle for the SP4 m3.

Along comes the Surface Plus Program. I know that upgrading from the SP4 to the "new" 2017 Surface Pro is not a huge upgrade, but this program allowed me to upgrade to the new Surface Pro in the configuration that I want, when I want, without putting up all the cash right away. Plus, I was able to upgrade to the Surface Pro i5, 8GB RAM, 256 SSD option that I wanted when the SP4 was announced without going broke. As long as I make all my Surface Plus Program payments on time, after 18 months, I will be eligible to upgrade my device to a new Surface product. To me, this is the most enticing aspect of the Surface Plus Program; monthly payments and the ability to upgrade to a new Surface device after 18 months.

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Here's a couple of things to note: In order to be considered for the Surface Plus Program, you are required to purchase Microsoft Complete and you will be required to do a credit check through KLARNA. KLARNA handles the financing and you will have to make your monthly payments through KLARNA and NOT Microsoft. After choosing the Surface Pro (fan-less Intel Kaby Lake i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 SSD)I found that my 24-month payment plan is similar to a AT&T phone payment plan.

I ordered online through the Microsoft Store because I wanted to see what the difference was ordering online versus being in-store. I found that it takes about a week to receive your new Surface after ordering online. Pending credit approval, you can walk out of a Microsoft Store with your new Surface device within an hour. Unfortunately, the Surface Studio is not eligible for the Surface Plus Program.

I purchased my new 2017 Surface Pro through the Surface Plus Program on August 1, 2017, the day that the program was announced. So far, I am extremely happy with my purchase and I am glad I was able to get the Surface Pro in the configuration that I wanted. I have not started making payments yet, but my payments will be about $63 a month, with an option to upgrade after 18 months. I've since sold the Surface Pro 4, making things even a little more affordable.

I purchased the Surface Type Cover and pre-ordered the Surface Pen separately, so those items are not included in my monthly payments. I am a Surface Pro fan and I look forward to being able to get the next new Surface Pro device when it comes out. I may choose to get the next iteration of the Surface Book or maybe the next Surface Laptop, but the point is, I have options with the Surface Plus Program. The Surface Plus Program gives you a way to get what you want.

Check out the official website for more information about the Surface Plus program.

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