Dear Microsoft: please bring web notes to Edge on Windows 10 Mobile

One of Microsoft Edge's most unique and severely under-discussed features is web notes, which takes a screenshot of the entire current web page, and lets you write over it using finger or stylus on Windows 10 devices like the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The keyword here is "Windows 10" devices. Not Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Which is a damn shame in my opinion. One of the most delectable promises of the Windows 10 platform is how phone and computer are beginning to converge, to the point where it's no longer about the device, but about you, the user.

Web notes can be quite handy in certain circumstances using Windows 10. But it's never really felt "necessary". This is largely because if you have access to a Windows 10 PC, you probably have access to a whole host of useful apps, programs, or even pencil and paper, that are part of your routine that might make for better note-taking utilities than Edge's web notes.

MS Edge Web Notes Save

But I feel web notes can be far more resourceful on the mobile device, where you're probably much more constrained in the tools you have available to you. Being able to do quick, impromptu research on your phone and instantly capture your exact thoughts with your finger while waiting in line at a grocery store or post office could present an immensely convenience proposition. One that, if people get accustomed to using it, could do for Windows 10 Mobile what Glance and double-tap-to-wake has done for it: not really a "necessity," but so laudable a luxury that many enlightened refuse to consider a phone without it.

Seemingly straightforward
I'd probably put it right next to favorites.

At the very least, I personally would find such a thing much more handy than the heavily marketed Continuum, which in its current state almost requires you to design a lifestyle around the feature just for the sake of using it.

Clearly, I'm in the minority here, as a quick perusal of the Windows Feedback app on Windows 10 Mobile suggests virtually no interest in adding such a feature to the fledgling mobile operating system. But is that because no one wants it or sees usefulness in such a thing, or is it because they've completely forgotten such a feature exists in Edge for Windows 10?

Even if no one really wants it, I think we can all agree, for the sake of consistency, and the one-OS-to-rule-them-all promise, it wouldn't hurt to have.

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