New Signals in Search: The Bing Social Layer

Satya Nadella: The technology search engines employ to retrieve that needle in the information haystack is staggering and humbling; it's one of the things that get us fired up to come to work at Bing every day.

Today we announced an exciting expansion to our long-term partnership with Facebook.  Specifically, we are rolling out some new features that allow you to take your friends with you into your Bing experience, both at as well as within the search experience at We will enable a great search experience for people queries, by bringing in information from your Facebook friends and people who share networks with you, and we will show you what your friends have liked (using Facebook's public like platform) as you navigate through search results in Bing...

Epicor Unveils Latest App for Epicor Mobile

Epicor Mobile Sales Assistant Connects Field Users to Real-Time Inventory Levels, Accurate Pricing and Customer Data; Assists with Deeper Business Relationships through Immediate Action on Customer Op

Microsoft curbing carbon emissions with Virtual Conferencing

Pushing forward with a "multi-tiered travel alternatives" initiative to reduce carbon emissions, Microsoft Corp. installed nine high-end videoconferencing units in its top cities and plans to install eight more by the end of its fiscal year in June 2011. Curbing some travel by its 50,000 travelers since May with an initial launch of five suites, Microsoft estimated the units will cut at least 5 percent of trips between its top 10 cities, thereby reducing its $700 million in annual travel and entertainment spend and shrinking its carbon footprint, according to senior global travel manager Eric Bailey...

Microsoft and Alibaba launch Chinese search site

Microsoft and Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group are testing a new search service that could offer Chinese users an alternative to major player Baidu and struggling Google, according to the Associated Press.

A beta of the new Etao search site came online this past weekend teaming up Alibaba's e-commerce search engine with a Chinese-language edition of Microsoft's Bing search engine. The new site joins the search engines on Alibaba's current e-commerce sites and and has been set up to drive people to the online retail store, according to The Wall Street Journal...

ABCOM partners with The Bunker

ABCOM partners with The Bunker to provide Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to its clients throughout the UK

New website

Props on the loooong awaited revamp, looks good so far, hopefully we'll get the boards swimming with