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Props on the loooong awaited revamp, looks good so far, hopefully we'll get the boards swimming with

New Release of Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse/PHP and new tutorial

Today the Microsoft Interoperability Technical Strategy team is shipping a new Community Technology Preview (October 2010 CTP) of the Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse for PHP. This Eclipse plug-in provides PHP developers using Eclipse with tools to create and deploy web applications targeting Windows Azure.

For more information about the release check out Brian Swan’s tutorial:  Using the Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse with PHP.

WePay is the anti-PayPal

Inside a Palo Alto, Calif., building that once housed PayPal headquarters, the upstarts -- Rich Aber

Ballmer on tablets, PCs and more (Q&A)

While Microsoft showed off Windows Phone 7 yesterday as its answer to the iPhone, many are still wondering what the company's response will be to the iPad.

CEO Steve Ballmer has noted on several occasions that there will be some
Windows 7 slates this year, but that's not the answer to the question--Microsoft has had tablets for years. The real issue is how Microsoft plans to respond to the iPad's instant-on abilities, it's long battery life, and the fact that it's easily navigated with just a finger and no need for a keyboard...