Windows 7 Momentum Update and Internet Explorer Guidance

Rich Reynolds: For the past several months as I have met with customers all over the world, I received a lot of positive input and feedback related to Windows 7. Customers such as BMW, Expedia, Pella Corporation, and Intel, tell me they are seeing great business value from Windows 7 Enterprise and the Windows Optimized Desktop, which is also reflected in high levels of customer satisfaction. We’re passionate about getting feedback from you to ensure we are engaging with you in the right way and having a positive impact on your business. Please, keep the feedback coming.

During many of these conversations, I get to hear encouraging details about your organization’s Windows 7 plans and the value delivered to both end users and IT professionals. I am equally encouraged by the results from a recent IDC study which shows that nearly all enterprise companies (89%) surveyed are moving forward with their Windows 7 plans within the next 24 months, if not sooner.  And 64% of them are already deploying Windows 7 or have plans to migrate in the next six months. As IDC observes - and my customer conversations reinforce - very strong adoption is underway for Windows 7...

When Web sites and Web apps collide with IE 9: Questions and some answers

"People go to the Web for sites, not the browser, much as they go to their PC for apps, not Windows."

Mary Jo Foley: That’s what Microsoft Corporate Vice President Dean Hachamovitch told attendees of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) 9 beta launch in San Francisco this week, where Microsoft made available for download a public Beta 1 of IE 9. Hachamovitch’s comment — and Microsoft’s showcasing of a number of big-name partners customizing their sites and apps for IE 9 — got me thinking about what happens when the line between apps and sites are not so clear-cut...

Microsoft to Hosters: Move Up The Value Chain

Microsoft’s push into online services has required a balancing act in its relationship with the hosting industry. On the one hand, Microsoft has far-reaching ambitions to deliver cloud services to consumers and businesses. At the same time, Microsoft sells nearly $1 billion a year in licenses and services to web hosting providers.

So is Microsoft a partner or rival for its hosting customers? In addressing the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit on Tuesday, Microsoft’s Elliot Curtis emphasized that Microsoft doesn’t view itself as competing with its customers in the cloud computing realm – and, Curtis said, hosting providers shouldn’t either...

Intel Sandy Bridge many-core secret sauce

During the coming-out party for Intel's Sandy Bridge microarchitecture at Chipzilla's developer shindig in San Francisco this week, two magic words were repeatedly invoked in tech session after tech session: "modular" and "scalable". Key to those Holy Grails of architectural flexibility is the architecture's ring interconnect.

"We have a very modular architecture," said senior principal engineer Opher Kahn at one session. "This ring architecture is laid out in such a way that we can easily add and remove cores as necessary. The graphics can also have different versions."