How to hide the search bar in Windows 10

How to hide the search bar in windows 10 - onmsft. Com - october 4, 2019

Windows 10 integrates Windows Search directly into the taskbar. By default, the search bar is permanently visible next to the Start menu. While this can be helpful, it uses a lot of taskbar space. Nowadays there's also a separate button ... Read more

How to use OneDrive PC Folder backup


Microsoft makes it easy for current and new Windows 10 PC owners to back up their important files using OneDrive. OneDrive comes pre-installed on Windows 10 and offers up to 5GB of free storage without a subscription. All you need ... Read more

How to Use OneDrive Personal Vault

Onedrive personal vault

Yesterday, Microsoft released the OneDrive Personal Vault to everyone. Personal Vault is a free new security feature for Office 365 subscribers, but all OneDrive accounts come with limited use of Personal Vault. OneDrive Personal Vault was announced back in June ... Read more

How to customise drive letters in Windows 10

How to customise drive letters in windows 10 - onmsft. Com - september 27, 2019

Windows uses the concept of "drive letters" to identify storage devices attached to your PC. While quite unlike the filesystem mount model of Unix-based systems, it's an approach which has withstood the decades since the MS-DOS days. Windows is almost ... Read more

How to use desktop shortcuts in Windows 10

Desktop shortcuts in windows 10

Desktop shortcuts are a staple of the Windows interface. Despite the move to Start menu live tiles with Windows 8 and Windows 10, desktop icons remain as a less distracting and simpler alternative. In this guide, we'll show you a ... Read more

How to use Microsoft Flow instead of IFTTT

How to use microsoft flow instead of ifttt

Microsoft Flow is a workflow automation platform that connects different apps and services to automate tasks. Flow integrates with many existing Microsoft apps and services (Office 365), as well as other workplace apps to automate tasks to boost your productivity. ... Read more

How to search the web with Bing in Notepad

Search with bing in notepad

As part of the ongoing improvements to Windows 10's Notepad, Microsoft added a built-in web search feature with last year's Windows 10 October 2018 update. This lets you quickly search for highlighted text, without having to copy-and-paste a selection into ... Read more

How to use priorities in Microsoft Planner

How to use priorities in microsoft planner - onmsft. Com - september 12, 2019

Microsoft Planner has been updated to support a dedicated Priority field on all tasks. Previously, many Planner users manually configured Labels to act as priority options. The use of Labels to represent priorities is now redundant, as Planner's new field ... Read more