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Steve Wozniak: Android will be the dominant smartphone platform

Update by Engadget: We've contacted Steve (an Engadget commenter) for clarification. He says he was misquoted by De Telegraaf.

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, has never been one to mince words. Today's no different as demonstrated in an interview with the Dutch-language De Telegraaf newspaper in The Netherlands. The first revelation is an admission that Apple had collaborated with a well-known Japanese consumer electronics company in 2004 to develop a phone that was ahead of its time. Woz is quoted as saying that while Apple was content with the quality, it "wanted something that could amaze the world." Obviously, the phone was shelved followed by Apple's announcement of the iPhone in January 2007...

U.S.-Based Internet Traffic Was Redirected To China, Researchers Say

Researchers this week revealed that a major portion of the world's Internet traffic was redirected to China's primary telecommunications carrier for a period of about 20 minutes earlier this year.

"At 15:54 GMT on April 8, 2010, McAfee detected a routing announcement from China's state-controlled telecommunications company, China Telecom, which advertised 15 percent of the world's Internet routes," said researchers at security company McAfee in a today's blog. For at least the next 18 minutes -- up until China Telecom withdrew the announcement -- a significant portion of the world’s Internet traffic was redirected through China to reach its final destination."

PC games come to TV with OnLive's MicroConsole

Dan Ackerman: We've been reasonably impressed to date with OnLive's cloud-based game service, which allows nearly any Internet-connected laptop or desktop to play a variety of high-end PC games via a unique streaming system. The company's long-awaited MicroConsole, which skips the computer altogether and streams games directly to your TV, finally has a release date and price.

The OnLive MicroConsole ships December 2 for $99, and includes a free game (games typically cost the same as retail boxed versions, around $49) and a wireless game controller...

Microsoft and Symantec extend free security software for small businesses

Sandrine Skinner: We're excited to let you know that today we're also working with Symantec and PC Mall, a major U.S. reseller of technology products, services and solutions to small businesses, to extend free security software to those larger small businesses with up to 50 PCs and at least one server. From Nov 1st until December 31st you can get Symantec EndPoint Protection Small Business Edition for free when you purchase a new copy of Windows 7 Professional from PC Mall. Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition complements Windows 7 Professional security features by providing small businesses with easy to use, enterprise-level protection they need to help protect their critical assets from today’s known and unknown threats...

Windows Phone 7's microSD mess: the full story

There are many reasons to be excited about Windows Phone 7, but a bleak spot has been Microsoft's message -- or lack thereof -- on user-expandable storage, and the situation finally came to a head last week when AT&T told Samsung Focus owners to hold off on buying microSD cards altogether until Microsoft had a chance to certify some for use with the platform. How did it get to this point? Why wasn't it communicated to users that this was such a problem before the phones ever went on sale? And if it really is such a problem, why did Samsung dare to make the microSD slot user-accessible in the Focus the first place? All good questions -- and in talking with a number of sources the past few days, we've pieced together some of the answers. Read on...

Process Explorer 14 Released

Process Explorer by Sysinternals is one of those programs that every computer technician and enthusi

IE 9 Platform Preview 7: Making Your Web-Sites Faster

Ziad Ismail: On October 28th, we released Internet Explorer Platform Preview 6. Today, we are announcing Internet Explorer Platform Preview 7 which is focused on real-world performance improvements across sites on the web.

We first demonstrated the power of a fully hardware accelerated HTML 5 browser taking advantage of the full power of the hardware through Windows just 8 months ago. We now couple that with dramatic performance gains in Chakra, Microsoft’s JavaScript engine. As a side effect of our focus on real-world performance, Internet Explorer 9 performance in JavaScript micro-benchmarks has also improved and Internet Explorer is now the leading performing browser in WebKit SunSpider. Since we first demonstrated Chakra at PDC in 2009, Internet Explorer has increased JavaScript performance by 345% according to WebKit SunSpider...

Ballmer and Gates: Here's why we're not breaking up Microsoft

Microsoft's annual meeting of shareholders in Bellevue this morning was pretty much the standard routine this morning. The company's nine-member board was reappointed and a lone shareholder proposal was rejected. CEO Steve Ballmer touted the company's revenue and earnings over the past year. Shareholders complained about the company's stagnant share price and pressed for a higher dividend. Ballmer talked about Microsoft's product pipeline and finance chief Peter Klein noted that the company has returned more than $170 million to shareholders in the form of dividends and share buybacks over the past decade...