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The Best Notebooks of 2010

In a year when the iPad grabbed all the headlines, notebooks hardly stood still in terms of progress

Previewing Microsoft's Office 365

CNET was lucky enough to get early access to Office 365, which has been designed to work on a number of Web browsers, including Firefox and Safari (though notably not Chrome), as well as being cross-platform with both Macs and PCs. The good news is that in our brief testing, everything worked as advertised. The bad news is that you can't get it right now, and it's still a long ways off from something that lets you every feature out of the Office ecosystem without installing software...

Microsoft Job Advert Hints at Apps for Xbox

Microsoft is looking to expand its Silverlight web platform to Xbox 360, according to a recent job advertisement placed by the company.

"Silverlight is looking to hire motivated developers with a passion for creating ground breaking multiscreen platform experiences now targeting the Xbox," the advertisement reads. Silverlight is used in "thousands of applications developed for Windows Phone 7, social network applications such as Seesmic, or powering the largest premium internet movie service through Netflix. With our next wave of releases we are looking to increase by an order of magnitude our usage, customer base and reach."