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Microsoft Office XP nearing end of life

Microsoft wants you to know that if you are still using Office XP, get ready, because it is nearing its end of life very soon. Microsoft plans on ending support for Office XP in July of 2011.

Opera (BETA) 11.2039

A full-featured Internet browser, Opera includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat.

Microsoft: No Pwn2Own bug in IE9

If you recall, a few days ago at the Pwn2Own hacking event, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 was hacked. Microsoft, today, said its Internet Explorer 9 does not contain the same bug which was exploited on Internet Explorer 8.

Apple iPad 2 GPU Performance Explored: PowerVR SGX543MP2 Benchmarked

AnandTech: Earlier this morning we published our first impressions on Apple's iPad 2, including analysis on camera quality and a dive into the architecture behind Apple's A5 SoC. Our SoC investigation mostly focused on CPU performance, which we found to be a healthy 50% faster than the A4 in the original iPad - at least in web browsing. We were able to exceed Apple's claim of up to 2x performance increase in some synthetic tests, but even a 50% increase in javascript and web page loading performance isn't anything to be upset about. We briefly touched on the GPU: Imagination Technologies' PowerVR SGX 543MP2. Here Apple is promising up to a 9x increase in performance, but it's something we wanted to investigate...

Microsoft confirms Windows Phone 7 'NoDo' delay

Today, the Windows Phone 7 team confirmed that there was a delay in the first major update to Windows Phone 7. It was rumored earlier in the week that Microsoft had decided to delay the first major update to the operating system since its launch.

13 tutorials for switching from Windows to Mac

We've been writing a lot of late about Apple iPhones and iPads storming the enterprise, but of course Apple Macs, such as the new MacBook Pros, are finding their way into more businesses as well.

iOS 4.3 Review

Just recently, Apple make available the new iOS 4.3 revision. This revision will also come installed on the iPad 2 when it begins shipping this Friday.

Xbox LIVE Labs

Major Nelson: As a part of our ongoing commitment to improve Xbox LIVE, we are rolling out an option

Microsoft Announces New Long-Term Licensing Option for Academic Institutions

Microsoft Corp. introduced a new, streamlined and cost-effective subscription licensing program designed to comprehensively meet the licensing needs of academic institutions. Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) gives academic institutions in K-12 and higher education additional control over the pricing and terms of their Microsoft contracts and provides an accessible and user-friendly licensing process. Also, by lowering entry requirements, small schools that have historically not been able to acquire subscription licenses are now able to access Microsoft software and services at a low cost in order to help students interact, collaborate and learn...

Pwn2Own 2011: IE8 on Windows 7 hijacked with 3 vulnerabilities

Thought Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 was secure? Think again. During a hacking challenge at Pwn2Own, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 was successfully hacked by an Irish security researcher (Stephen Fewer) on a Windows 7 SP1 machine. This was all possible using three different vulnerabilities and exploitation techniques.