Microsoft antipiracy efforts caught up in Russian political scandal

Microsoft's long taken aggressive steps to curb the rampant piracy of its software in Europe, but it seems like things have gotten a little out of hand: a new report in the New York Times today says Russian authorities are using piracy "investigations" as a pretext for seizing computers and other materials from political opponents of the government and news organizations. What's more, apparently Microsoft is quite supportive of these raids -- its lawyers have described the company as a "victim" and pushed for criminal charges. Making matters even worse, Microsoft is also accused of refusing to help targeted groups which have specifically purchased software to avoid being raided -- the company has said it's a matter for the Russian security police.

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HOWTO: Compile Kernel in Linux

There are a few reasons why a user would want to upgrade his/her kernel. One advantage to compiling your own kernel is that it is tweaked for your hardware.

Some computer definitions

Some definitions of computer terms from the genius Maddox.


Active X - This phrase is used to distinguish web sites with adult or pornographic content (hence the "X").