How to test your microphone on Windows 10


Whether you're video calling your colleagues or embarking in a spot of multiplayer gaming, a working microphone is an important PC peripheral. Here's how to check yours is operating correctly in Windows. Begin by checking the obvious - is your ... Read more

How to dictate text on Windows 10

Surface pro 7 touch keyboard

Windows 10 now supports dictation into any text input. You can talk to your computer while browsing the web, writing documents or searching for text, independently of the Cortana conversational experience. On touch devices, dictation's availability is displayed clearly by ... Read more

How to set a Windows Update bandwidth cap

Photo of windows update settings in windows 10

Windows 10 updates are released each month to fix security flaws and address quality issues. This process should run seamlessly in the background but can cause problems on a slow internet connection. The Windows 10 May 2020 update (build 2004) ... Read more

How to install the Windows Terminal today

How to install the windows terminal today - onmsft. Com - july 13, 2020

Windows Terminal is Microsoft's new terminal emulator for Windows 10 PCs. It supports a variety of shell types, including PowerShell, legacy Command Prompt and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Terminal isn't yet included with Windows by default, although it has ... Read more