How to download offline maps in Windows 10


One of the best navigation features of Windows 10 is the ability to download maps for offline use from within the operating system. Once you've downloaded maps, they'll display within the built-in Maps app, even if your Internet connection goes ... Read more

How to disable Outlook's Focused Inbox

A microsoft logo on a glass wall witha reflection of a blue sky

Focused Inbox is a recently-launched Outlook feature that automatically sorts your email to show you only the messages that are actually important. Automated newsletters, invoices and confirmation emails are siphoned off into the "Other" tab, leaving communications from colleagues and ... Read more

How to sideload Windows 10 apps

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Although the Windows Store is the usual place to source apps for Windows 10, it is possible to install new software from other sources. You can then run Universal Windows apps you've downloaded from the Internet or built yourself, without ... Read more