How to bookmark messages in Microsoft Teams

Photo of saved option in microsoft teams profile menu

Microsoft Teams channels can be lively places. All that messaging activity makes for a cumbersome experience if you're trying to revisit something posted weeks, days or even hours ago. You can save messages to lift them out of the relentless ... Read more

How to hide and unhide chats in Microsoft Teams

Photo showing how to hide a chat in microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams doesn't let you delete chats with your contacts. However, it is possible to "hide" a conversation, removing it from the chat pane while preserving the conversation history. Hiding chats First, find the chat you're looking for by clicking ... Read more

How to rename a OneNote notebook

Onenote uwp

OneNote makes it simple to take notes and collate information. Unfortunately, managing notebooks themselves can quickly become unwieldy, due to the limited notebook management capabilities of the OneNote apps. Renaming an open notebook is one common task which can be ... Read more

How to use Microsoft Lists within Microsoft Teams

How to use microsoft lists within microsoft teams - onmsft. Com - november 11, 2020

Microsoft Lists is Microsoft's new information tracking app for Microsoft 365. As a centralised information repository, Lists features good integration with the other members of the 365 family. In this article, we'll show you how to manage your Lists within ... Read more

How to get started with Microsoft Lists

Microsoft lists

Microsoft Lists is the newest addition to the Microsoft 365 app stable. While the name may tempt you to write it off as yet another Outlook Tasks, To-Do or Planner iteration, Lists is in fact a unique offering that's closer ... Read more

How to install Microsoft Edge Dev on Linux

How to install microsoft edge dev on linux - onmsft. Com - october 21, 2020

Microsoft’s Chromium-powered Edge browser is now available on Linux. Although yet to reach general availability, you can install Edge from the “Dev Channel” today, giving Linux desktop users a new browsing option. Microsoft is currently packaging Edge for Ubuntu, Debian, ... Read more

How to create a restore point on Windows 10


System Restore is a long-serving Windows component that provides a one-click way to backup your PC and then revert back to the saved state later on. Although rather buried in Windows 10, System Restore is still alive and well. You ... Read more