Hands on with Windows 10 build 17093 (video)

Hands on with windows 10 build 17093 (video) - onmsft. Com - february 9, 2018

Windows 10 build 17093 is Microsoft's latest release to Windows insiders on the Fast ring and to those who opted in to Skip ahead. It's another of a handful of Windows Insider builds announced recently ending in the number '3'. ... Read more

Hands-on with Windows 10 build 17083 (video)

Hands-on with windows 10 build 17083 (video) - onmsft. Com - january 25, 2018

Talk of the next Windows 10 release later this Spring is already being heard as the development of Redstone 4 continues. We're getting to that stage where the final feature set is being decided, and preview experiences such as 'Sets' ... Read more

Microsoft Edge on iOS: Hands-on (video)

Microsoft edge on ios: hands-on (video) - onmsft. Com - october 10, 2017

For a while now Microsoft has been bringing their best to the mobile world, with apps such as OneNote or Outlook for iOS being some of the greatest out there. The company has stepped forward again and has recently announced ... Read more

Hands-on with Windows 10 build 16226

Hands-on with windows 10 build 16226 - onmsft. Com - june 22, 2017

Microsoft Edge In last week's build, Microsoft Edge was updated with several new features such as annotation of .ePUB files and the ability to go full screen with the F11 key. Build 16226 now lets you ink (sort of) into ... Read more

Hands-on with OneDrive on Demand (video)

Hands-on with onedrive on demand (video) - onmsft. Com - june 13, 2017

  One of the best things about OneDrive is that it lets you take advantage of cloud storage without having to put up with a lethargic web browser experience. Since the launch of Windows 10, however, OneDrive lost one of ... Read more