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Accenture and Microsoft are teaming up to deliver Window 10 to 400,000 of its employees over the next couple of years.

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The Markle Foundation will team with Microsoft to expand skillful employment

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Microsoft is bringing back its Ultimate Game Sale this Friday, June 30, and you can expect up to 50% discounts on more than 350 games, gaming hardware and accessories.

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Playdead’s Inside and Limbo are available for Xbox One in a special double game pack!

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During Unite Europe 2017 developer conference this week, Ubisoft showed its recent foray into HoloLens tinkering. 

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Windows 10’s tablet mode feature lets you use the operating system with a full screen Start experience. It’s similar to the Start screen of Windows 8, putting everything within reach when you’re using touch as your primary input method. Windows can automatically disable tablet mode when you connect a keyboard, letting you seamlessly switch between […]

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The big news of the week is the latest computer virus outbreak, known generally as “Petya,” although technically Petya was an older virus and this latest outbreak is a more sophisticated variant. Hundreds of thousands of machines have been infected, the majority in Eastern Europe, and the majority running Windows 7. Microsoft’s Windows Security Blog […]

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The latest Preview SDK brings some bug fixes and under development changes to the API surface area, and developers can use it in conjunction with the freshly released preview build 16226.

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Microsoft announced today that 7 more games will be added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog on July 1.

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Netflix announced today that the Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles will be the first devices to support Dolby Atmos streaming.

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Microsoft is helping NASCAR get up to speed with modern technology thanks to a upgraded race management app.

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Office Insider for iOS got a feature update, adding the ability to edit comments in PowerPoint, Excel, and more.

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Diablo III: Eternal Collection is now available on Xbox One and is currently selling with a 33% discount for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. This new collection contains the base Diablo III video game, the Reaper of Souls expansion set, and Rise of the Necromancer pack. Here’s the official game description and shopping link: Generations of […]

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While Marvel Heroes Omega is due to make its Xbox One debut on June 30th in just a few days’ time, unfortunately it appears as if it won’t be released in as many regions as previously thought. Earlier this week, the game’s community manager shared a forum post which detailed all of the information regarding […]

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The official Twitter app for Windows 10 has updated with new support for Periscope live streams, which were previously unusable on the app, and additional support for Periscope feeds filmed in 360 degrees video. The Twitter app has also been given new notifications for when live events go, well, live, and a new prominent link […]

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KB4022716 brings a new testing bed for staggering and targeting updating devices.

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With Microsoft already deeply embedded as a partner of the NFL, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see American football teams getting their hands on tools like this going into the next season. 

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IrfanView isn’t a very pretty looking app, but it’s got a simple premise – let you view and convert image files, and even do some light editing.

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Regardless of whether or not this case is opened up again – or if a meaningful precedent would be set by it – this is a powerful gesture by some of the largest powers in the country.

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Microsoft has released a new round of cumulative updates for all shipping versions of Windows 10., and it would appear that new cumulative updates are hitting Windows 10 Mobile devices, appearing in Windows Update as “2017-06 Update for Windows 10 1703 for arm-based Phone Devices”

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