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Kjm K3 Projector Hero

KJM K3 Certified JBL & Netflix Projector Review: A crazy amazing entertainment deal

Starting at: $275 (early bird special) Since the pandemic, I’ve reevaluated the convenience of a traditional glass flat screen tv viewing experience versus the flexibility projector systems offer, and until recently the single prohibitive obstacle to…

Lenovo Slim Pro 14 inch Hero

Lenovo Slim Pro 9i 14 & 16 Review: The best all-around laptop out

Starting at $1,799.99 While Intel continues to work on a processor that delivers similar performance per wattage like Apple’s M-series, OEM’s such as Lenovo are refining their industrials designs, features lists and overall laptop experiences to…


Robo & Kala 2-in 1 Laptop Review: The Surface Pro alternative that’s a solid choice

When I think of 2-in-1 tablet form factor devices I automatically think of the Microsoft Surface Pro lineup as most do.  After all, they’ve been at it for ten years.  A few others have tried their…

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